Waymon Armstrong


Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS)

Waymon Armstrong, president and CEO

Founded in 1997




In 1997, Waymon Armstrong founded Engineering & Computer Simulations (ECS), a company that creates computer simulations to help government and private-sector clients. With a spirit of entrepreneurship and innovative ideas, ECS has become a leader in delivering virtual world solutions to commercial, military, government, academia and non-profit clients all around the nation.

However, in 2007, Armstrong was ready to sell ECS, believing that the company couldn’t successfully grow to the next level. At that time, Armstrong was invited to a CEO Nexus roundtable group, offered in conjunction with the Edward Lowe Foundation and designed specifically for leaders of second-stage companies. While there, he was able to share his challenges with fellow entrepreneurs and receive feedback, and left the meeting believing that he could continue to grow his company successfully. Now seven years later, Armstrong continues his involvement in CEO Nexus because of the benefits it provided then, and now.

“They suggested that with the appropriate support structure in place, I could accomplish anything,” he said. “Many business owners who reach a certain point need to know an infrastructure exists that can help them continue to expand.”



CEO Nexus, in collaboration with the Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at Rollins College, Florida High Tech Corridor Council and GrowFL, brings together leaders of established growth-oriented businesses in a confidential setting to meet and learn from CEO peers who have grown their companies into more advanced stages of business development. The CEO Nexus Cup is a traveling trophy and member-recognition award, recognizing those companies that have achieved growth and entrepreneurial success, in part due to their collaboration with CEO Nexus.


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