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Steve Seibert,
Shelley Lauten
and Glenda Hood


LOCATIONS: Orlando and Tallahassee



triSect, celebrating its one-year anniversary this April, is a strategy consulting firm that understands the complexity of issues facing business, government and independent sector leaders. The company’s founding partners have worked with hundreds of organizations and communities, helping them devise new ways to address today’s complex global issues. Each with a distinguished career, Glenda Hood, Shelley Lauten and Steve Seibert recognize that bringing community leaders from all sectors together is key to moving economies, communities and organizations forward. Their experiences with all three sectors give them a unique understanding of the nuances and challenges of each.

triSect offers a variety of methods and programs to help organizations innovate process and achieve progress.  From strategy labs to board governance workshops, from leadership development and keynote presentations to facilitating public-private initiatives, triSect is a consulting team that will assist your organization with devising a results-driven strategy and action agenda. The partners have built their careers on achieving results at the highest level of excellence and have developed their products and services to help your organization achieve high quality, measurable results.


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