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(Pictured from left to right – standing) Shelley Lauten, Partner; Ellis Searl, Project Manager; (Pictured from left to right –sitting) Tori Bennett, Project Manager; and Glenda Hood, Partner


Competing in today’s 21st Century marketplace is more challenging than ever. Problems and opportunities have become global in nature; change is happening at warp speed and decisions are needed faster than ever before, and often, communities are slow to adapt.

The partners at triSect, Glenda Hood and Shelley Lauten, have been advocates for change throughout their careers in all three sectors – public, private and independent.

These women have served their communities in many ways: Hood as the former three-time (and first female) Mayor of Orlando, Florida Secretary of State and a small business owner; Lauten as an executive at both Walt Disney World and the Arnold Palmer Golf Management Co. and as president of, a business unit of the Central Florida Partnership. Also, each of them have served as volunteers and on boards of many organizations.

As community builders, they saw many large-scale community efforts not succeed because leaders weren’t working together collaboratively or holistically.

triSect, a strategy consulting firm focusing on complex community issues, was formed because of Hood and Lauten’s passion for and commitment to bringing business, government and independent-sector leaders together to design consensus-driven community and organizational impact plans that don’t just “sit on a shelf”’– strategic plans that include clear guidance for how leaders can implement multi-sector, multi-jurisdictional solutions.

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