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Cynthia Blackwell


Cynthia Blackwell is the founder and managing partner of BlackRain Partners – a consulting firm specializing in sustainable business-growth strategies. She is a dynamic business-development professional with over 20 years of progressive experience in executive leadership. Her company doubled its revenue in the first two years of business, and now in its fifth year is preparing to nearly double again from 2014 to 2015. This is no surprise to anyone who has worked with BlackRain Partners and benefitted from their expertise and coaching in business development, financial management, human resources, marketing strategies and organizational development.

Clients call her the “rainmaker” because she leads them through a methodical, multi-level planning process that is a catalyst for aggressive business growth. Before starting BlackRain Partners, Blackwell was vice president and partner of AOK Networking and the regional director of Deltacom, where she turned around the lowest performing sales region and moved it into the top one-third in the country in just two years. Deltacom revenue grew from $500,000 to $2 million in that two-year period. This ultimately attracted the attention of the industry leader EarthLink, and paved the way for a profitable acquisition by this $1.5 billion international company.

Although she’s all business, Blackwell has a passion for non-profits and has lead several of Central Florida’s most prominent nonprofit executive directors through her “Rain-Making” planning process – spurring significant fundraising increases, stronger engagement with community leaders and improved operational efficiency.

BlackRain Partners has been recognized as the Women Owned Business of the Year by the Seminole Regional Chamber, as well as the Chamber Member of the Year, and was awarded Seminole County’s Salute to Professional Women.

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