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Scott Wilbur

COMPANY:  Next Level Transition Consulting, LLC, Alexandria, VA

TITLE:  Founder

EDUCATION:  Associate of Arts, Human Services, Beacon College; Bachelor of Arts, Multidisciplinary Studies, Marymount University



Being called “stupid” does a number on one’s self-esteem. Scott Wilbur had a tough time shaking that label in his formative years. Teachers and others mistook what later was diagnosed as a learning disability and ADHD as ignorance and indolence. These days, the mislabeled student is teaching other “diverse learners” to navigate successful lives in the workaday world through life coaching and career counseling that his company, Next Level Transition Consulting, LLC, provides.

The blueprint for his business was sketched out during his years as a student at Beacon College in Leesburg, FL, America’s first college or university accredited to award bachelor’s degrees primarily to students with learning disabilities, ADHD and other learning differences.

Without Beacon College, the 36-year-old entrepreneur says, “I would not be as successful or whole as I am now. A big part of what I do now is a legacy of Beacon because the college created a sense of community between diverse thinkers and myself. Part of the reason I do what I do now is that I have a sense of community and a duty to give back.”

In working with his clients, he employs variations of the mechanisms of success that have allowed him to be more professional and poised. His experience at Beacon College helped him communicate his thoughts in a more organized and effective manner.

What Wilbur strives to communicate to employers is the value of diverse learners. “When you’re trying to solve problems, you want people who think differently — you want to diversify,” he said.