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2017 Business Leaders of the Year


Each year we recognize and honor business leaders in the Central Florida area that are making a positive impact in the region or have achieved superior growth in their company or organization over the past three years.

i4 Business invites you to celebrate your company’s success or that of your clients by submitting your nomination for the 2017 Business Leaders of the Year Awards.

Eligibility Requirements:

  • Business Leader has held an Executive position for three or more years.
  • Company has experienced growth or expanded into new markets over the past three years.
  • Business must be located in the Central Florida region.
  • Application must be completed in full by September 1, 2017.

*Please note: All award winners must agree to be featured in i4 Business magazine and attend the awards event.


Nomination Deadline: September 1, 2017


Click here to complete awards application.


If you’d like to nominate a business, please do so below…

Required Information of the Nominated Leader
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