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Industry Leaders Share Their Go-To Apps


App: WhatsApp

Leslie Hielema, vice president, Florida Institute of Technology

“I especially like WhatsApp when I travel internationally or text my friends who live in other countries because messaging is free. I can include photos or videos and even create groups. It uses my Internet data plan or WiFi connection and works with most phone types. WhatsApp Inc. is an early stage startup founded in Silicon Valley started by two guys who worked for Yahoo and doesn’t include any ads.”


ScottApp: Waze

Scott Faris, CEO, Nanozyme, Inc.

“There are lots of map apps, GPS apps and social apps, but I really like the real-time, community of road warriors aspect of Waze. It turns road trips into a social experience and I believe represents the tip of the iceberg of travel and vehicle social engagement opportunities. Beyond that, it keeps me out of trouble and always gets me to my destination.”


CariApp: Evernote 

Cari Coats,
executive director,
Center for Advanced Entrepreneurship at Rollins College

“Evernote is by far my favorite business app. I use it for everything: taking and organizing notes, scanning business cards, creating and tracking task lists, etc. Everything is searchable and I can sync everything between my laptop, iPad and iPhone. I work remotely a lot so the seamless use across devices is very useful for me.”



App: Ultimate Guitar 

John Cunningham, co-founder and design parter, ACi Architects

“With time as my most valuable resource, I love using the Ultimate Guitar app, as it is the fastest and easiest way of learning how to play guitar right on my iPhone. No matter where I am during the day, it gives me a chance to be creative…learn how to play a new song and record ones of my own.”



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